Our service provides AI Powered speech to text transcription of audio and video files using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) similar to the technology found in smart speakers. Our proprietary algorithm lets you upload a file and receive a text transcript in minutes. Transcribing your audio gives you the power to search your content at the click of a mouse and opens up new opportunities to repurpose your recordings. With Wordbose there is no need to create an account. If you would like to use our service as a guest, you can upload a file, tell us where to send the transcript, and we’ll quickly email it to you. You can create a Wordbose account to take advantage of all our premium features, for free. No automatic transcription service is perfect, so you’ll have access to our convenient text editor where you can review and update your transcript. You will also be able to manage all your transcripts on the Wordbose Dashboard. Your transcripts are encrypted while saved so only you can access them with your secret password.

We believe in making things simple for our customers, so we’ve created a straight forward pricing plan, without hidden fees, and you only pay for what you use. You can even give us a try risk-free with our free tier when you upload a file that is shorter than 15 audio minutes. We will show you your charges before you upload your file, and there are no extra fees for our premium features.

Wordbose.com grew up in the high-tech hub around the Seattle, WA area and we are excited to be part of the AI revolution. We are empowering everyone from the podcaster to the professor to transcribe easily, quickly, and affordably, while keeping full control of their data. Thank you for being a Wordbose customer. We are glad you’ve found us.

  -   The Wordbose Team