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The Wordbose Dashboard

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Who is Wordbose for?

3 Use Cases


  • Transcribe podcasts
  • Post on website
  • Searchable transcripts
  • Better website SEO


  • Transcribe Zoom recordings
  • Post on class website
  • Easier review for students
  • Engage visual and spatial learners


  • Record and transcribe interviews
  • Automated notes
  • Search for key qualifications
  • Analyze themes and patterns

Pricing That Makes Sense

Pay as you go


Under 15 minutes

$0.10 / min

15+ minutes
(minimum charge $0.50)

No subscriptions

No monthly payments or subscriptions. With Wordbose, you only pay for what you use.

No surprises

No hidden fees, just one simple pricing model.

No paywalls

None of Wordbose's premium-grade features are locked behind a paywall. You get full functionality right from the start.

Transcription Simplified

Use without an account for speed, with one for features

Use as a guest

Upload file

Upload any audio or video file under 15 minutes

Enter email

Enter the email we should send your completed transcript to


You'll recieve an email with your finished transcript complete with speaker labels

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Create a new transcript

Name your transcript and upload a file under 4 hours. Pay securely through our PCI-compliant service

Check your email

An email will be sent with a link to your transcript as well as the transcript text

Use Wordbose's features

View, edit, and delete your transcripts in the Wordbose Web App

Why Wordbose?

Premium features, for free

Quick turnaround

Wordbose's AI-powered algorithm returns most transcripts in less time than the length of the file

Email notification

Recieve an email complete with a link to your transcript as well as the full transcript text as soon as your transcript is complete


Get an overview of all your transcripts as cards in a grid or as a table


Use the Wordbose Editor to make changes to the transcript text or speaker labels, then save your work

Speaker labels

Wordbose detects speaker changes and reflects them in your transcript. When you edit the name of a speaker, all corresponding labels are updated


With the Wordbose Web App you have the power to search all of your transcripts by name or text to find what you're looking for quickly

Built for convenience

Create, view, edit, and delete all at your fingertips

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Built for everyone

Wordbose is for

  • Journalists
  • Podcasters
  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • Interviewers
  • Meeting coordinators
  • Preachers
  • Public speakers
  • Anyone with some recorded audio